SIGMA develops its projects structuring them in three areas. Each of them work related in order to assure the fulfillment of each and every goal that is, indeed, characteristic of all our products. Efficiency, reliability and a strict deadline of delivery.


All equipment with SIGMA’s own technology are specially designed for every customer and project based on the normalized modular prototypes such as the DAF FPAC solution, the DAF FPBC, the super-compact with lamellas, the BIODAF, the specials for clarification in biological processes FBR, the DAF FPAC-CW, the ones built for big flows in civil work, the ACAF, the air-induction ones for robust pre-treatments, SIGMA MBR, for membrane biological solutions.

Studies and design for the project are made from the beginning of the problem regarding from the laboratory tests and pilot plant until the delivery of the project to the production and construction department and its later installation and final start-up.

SIGMA has a qualified team of technicians and designers as well as a group of external coworkers with more than 35 years of experience which well-known reputation is due a line of products that are modular, worthwhile and reliable.


Construction and manufacture of machinery and equipment dates back to the family enterprise founded in 1965; since then, SIGMA is characteristic for its willing to offer the best quality products adding the most advanced technologies to designs and production processes.

Nowadays, SIGMA has modern production facilities with two different areas to produce equipment in stainless steel and carbon steel respectively, all this in order to maintain and upgrade our production standards.

Once projects are handed in by the design department, the production and manufacturing team works on the best quality and most satisfaction of the costumer, they also assure the compliance of all deadlines and optimize the use of our own and the environment’s resources. 

Technical assistance & start-up

SIGMA guarantees, thanks to our technicians and field team, the best conditions for the start-up of our equipment and the execution of the installations.

SIGMA’s equipment and projects are handed in with an electronic system of remote assistance so the tracking of the installations can be done ON LINE.

As the manufacturing of the principal equipment is done by the company we have at our disposal a huge stock of spare pieces to guarantee an immediate response to the costumer’s needs.

Quality is a routine, in our company’s philosophy. After having ended successfully the construction of the plant our goal is to guarantee a permanent and reliable service post-selling. 

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