Quality policy

SUMINISTROS Y GESTIONES MEDIOAMBIENTALES, S.L wants to provide a competitive service to all its clients and consequently, have established a quality management system within the organisation. The main purpose of which, is to ensure client satisfaction through a proven and corroborated process which is continually being improved.

SUMINISTROS Y GESTIONES MEDIOAMBIENTALES, S.L´s quality management system has been designed to ensure that the design, manufacture and equipment installation services provided are implemented correctly and efficiently using the appropriate means, so that the best results can be achieved, together with the use of the best techniques in the market.

To accomplish all of these objectives, the quality management system established by SUMINISTROS Y GESTIONES MEDIOAMBIENTALES, S.L which is based on the regulation UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and it relies on the following fundamental pillars:

The targets outlined above have been communicated and circulated to all personnel working within the organisation, as well as the current quality policy.

The management of SUMINISTROS Y GESTIONES MEDIOAMBIENTALES, S.L commits to achieve these targets and in addition, to carry out internal audits to assess the performance and the fulfilment of this policy and in general, of this implemented quality management system.

Girona 6th of December of 2018

Signed: Juan Ibáñez López
General Manager

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