Water & waste water treatment solutions for industries

At SIGMA our main goal is to provide innovative solutions to physico-chemical and biological processes, filtration and disinfection in order to satisfy the variety of water and wastewater treatments in the industrial scope. 

SIGMA belongs to an environment and a culture where relationships with customers and final users are established and kept long-term thanks to the effort made, the improvements and the continuous service.

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SIGMA’s equipment is designed with the most advanced technology but also taking into account a reduced  investement and operation cost.

Besides, SIGMA can provide a guarantee to the products and processes as each one of this equipment, proceedings and systems has been specially designed for each application. 

The option of the “turn-key” water reuse projects, the possibility of using equipment and systems as a test, rent or temporary loan or the most adequate financial solutions provide the customer the highest reliability and availability in the market. 

SIGMA'S technicians solutions and technologies:
· SBR - Sequencing batch reactors· MBR – Membrane biological reactors· FBR – Flotation biological reactors· Ultra and/or Nanofiltration· UV· Ozone


SIGMA’s projects integral approach.  We offer turn-key and integral solutions to our clients projects. Our customers obtain the best results due to our active implication in every stage of the project. 


  • Feasibility studies
  • Equipment supplies
  • Processes revamping
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Technical assistance and commissioning
  • Analysis and lab tests
  • Implementation and engineering solutions
  • Pilot plants
  • Turn-key
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