Discover our exclusive methodology in the development of engineering projects for wastewater treatment

Agua SIGMA has a qualified team of technicians and designers, as well as a group of external collaborators, with more than 40 years of experience, whose recognized reputation is based on a line of modular, profitable and reliable products.

AguaSIGMA Metodología: Diseño, construcción y puesta en marcha


The equipment with SIGMA Water's own technology, as well as the necessary water purification processes and facilities, are specially designed for each client / project based on standardized and modular MBR models, to operate in membrane bioreactors.

The studies and designs are carried out from the origin of the problem, considering tests in the laboratory and pilot plant, until the delivery of the project to the production and construction department, and its subsequent installation and final commissioning.

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Currently, Agua SIGMA has modern manufacturing facilities, consisting of two separate work areas for the development of engineering projects and the production of STAINLESS STEEL equipment and CARBON STEEL equipment, all seeking to maintain and improve our manufacturing standards.

Once the projects are delivered by the design department, the production and manufacturing team is in charge of achieving the highest quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring compliance with the execution and delivery deadlines, and optimizing own resources and those of our environment.

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Technical assistance and commissioning service

Agua SIGMA guarantees, thanks to its engineers, technicians and field team, the best conditions for the development of each engineering project, the commissioning of its equipment and the execution of the wastewater treatment facilities.

SIGMA Water projects and equipment are supplied with electronic remote assistance systems to ensure that the monitoring of the facilities is carried out ON LINE.

The own manufacture of the main equipment allows us to maintain an important stock of spare parts that guarantee an immediate response to the needs of our customers.

In our philosophy, quality is a matter of course. After the successful completion of the construction of the wastewater treatment plant, our main objective is to guarantee permanent and reliable after-sales service.

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Fase 1: Estudio y preparaciónFase 2: Diseños, propuestas, evaluaciones, análisis toma de decisionesFase 3: Proyectos, revisiones, suministro, construcciónFase 4: Puesta en marcha, control inicial de las producciones, inicio de la comercialización

Our desire is to offer fully automated plants and solutions for each of the projects, thus allowing customers to meet their specific needs and at the same time reduce costs.

We provide solutions for the treatment and purification of wastewater.
Solutions and skids (modular equipment)
SIGMA-SMARTDAF Improvement Systems
Dosing and mixing systems, instrumentation and measurement, controls and PLC, remote service and monitoring