Industrial food complex

Riba Smith Group S.A.



Various industrial spills


SBR Biological Process.


SBR 1200 m3 Reactors - ACAF Flotation-Filtration


300 m3 / day


COD input 4000 mg / l

COD output <50 mg / l

Riba Smith Group

Grupo Riba Smith undertook an ambitious project to build a production center for its various food specialties, including bread, meat, dairy and fourth and fifth range.

In this case, the greatest challenge was to have a quality of water that would allow it to be discharged into a river with a bathing area and to use technologies that would make it easier to scale the plant and its operation to the growth of the production facilities.
The client chose the AGUASIGMA PHYSICAL-CHEMICAL ACAF AND BIOLOGICAL SBR technology, which have managed to guarantee the demanding discharge values ​​on a continuous basis.
RIBA SMITH's collaboration with AGUASIGMA has been extended to the purification plant, expansion of the WWTP and study of the installation of a biodigester for sludge and production waste.

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