Biogas production from manure and liquid slurry. Sustainable solutions for livestock and agricultural waste management.

The concept of waste is defined in Spanish Law 22/2011 on waste and contaminated soil as ‘any substance or object that its possessor disposes of or has the intention or obligation to dispose of’’. Agricultural and livestock waste is one of the most serious environmental problems in modern communities, with slurry and manure being one of the most problematic in rural and agro-industrial settings.

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Picture of a sewage treatment plant with combined FBR and SBR wastewater industrial treatment, desig

SBR process optimization: incorporation of FBR technology as part of an SBR process. PROCESS SIGMA SBR – FBR

In Agua SIGMA Suministros y Gestiones Medioambientales S.L., The main objective is to provide innovative solutions to mechanical, physical-chemical, biological, filtration and water disinfection processes to cover the various needs for wastewater treatment in the industrial field.

, 21/06/2021

Urban waste dump showing a solid waste collection truck unloading different types of general solid w

Leachate: efficient solutions for the environment. Proposed SIGMA technologies for leachate treatment.

Leachate is a highly toxic and polluting liquid waste for the environment, living beings, ecology, and the food chain that must be treated appropriately to its dangerousness. 

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Foods of animal and vegetable origin with high concentrations of selenium and that are an essential

Selenium removal from industrial wastewater with iron co-precipitation

Selenium removal from industrial wastewater with iron co-precipitation. Application of SIGMA systems and SMARTDAF Technology.

, 14/04/2021