Picture of a sewage treatment plant with combined FBR and SBR wastewater industrial treatment, desig

SBR process optimization: incorporation of FBR technology as part of an SBR process. PROCESS SIGMA SBR – FBR

In Agua SIGMA Suministros y Gestiones Medioambientales S.L., The main objective is to provide innovative solutions to mechanical, physical-chemical, biological, filtration and water disinfection processes to cover the various needs for wastewater treatment in the industrial field.

, 21/06/2021

Urban waste dump showing a solid waste collection truck unloading different types of general solid w

Leachate: efficient solutions for the environment. Proposed SIGMA technologies for leachate treatment.

Leachate is a highly toxic and polluting liquid waste for the environment, living beings, ecology, and the food chain that must be treated appropriately to its dangerousness. 

Review, 03/05/2021

Foods of animal and vegetable origin with high concentrations of selenium and that are an essential

Selenium removal from industrial wastewater with iron co-precipitation

Selenium removal from industrial wastewater with iron co-precipitation. Application of SIGMA systems and SMARTDAF Technology.

, 14/04/2021