Comprehensive management of wastewater

Design and execution of wastewater engineering projects and evaluation and implementation of sewage process improvements.

Innovative solutions for water treatment

In SIGMA Water the main objective is to provide innovative solutions to physical-chemical, biological, filtration and disinfection processes to satisfy the diverse needs of water and wastewater treatment, in the industrial field.

SIGMA water belongs to an environment and a culture where relationships with customers and users are established and maintained in the long term, thanks to continuous effort, improvement and service.

Process and product warranty

SIGMA Water equipment is designed with the most advanced technologies and always thinking about the lowest investment and operating costs. In addition, SIGMA Water can provide a guarantee of processes and products, these processes, equipment and systems having been specifically developed for each specific application, whether of municipal or industrial application.

"Turnkey" water reuse projects provide the user with the highest degree of reliability on the market.



Both as a pre-treatment to eliminate easily separable particulate compounds (fats and solids in suspension), as well as constituting a complete treatment in some cases due to its extremely high reduction in pollutant load thanks to the colloidal material coagulation process. The PHYSICAL-CHEMICAL systems using our SIGMADAF equipment are one of the most effective, simple and recurring wastewater treatments for countless types of industries.

Recently enhanced with SMARTDAF© technology, we have reduced the consumption of chemicals and the production of sludge, as well as solving the needs of adjusting to various working conditions.

Aguasigma FBR


Based on a classic activated sludge system, the use of our SIGMADAF © equipment as secondary clarifiers allows us to maximize the benefits of the activated sludge system without resorting to increasing the volume of the reactors.

Ideal for the treatment of large industrial flows. By allowing SIGMADAF © equipment very high concentrations of suspended solids achieving a clarified final effluent, it is possible to increase the age of the sludge, the performance of the biological process and avoid exposure to bulking phenomena and floating sludge. The result is more compact plants, ease of repumping existing plants and treatment of very high pollutant loads.

All SIGMADAF © equipment applications have the option of SMARTDAF © technology; Therefore, in this case, in addition to solving the needs of adjustment to the different working conditions, it optimizes the use of polyelectrolyte.

Aguasigma SBR


The SBR system is a low or medium load active sludge process in which all the processes are carried out in a single tank following a sequence that corresponds to the operations that in an in-line process are carried out consecutively in several tanks.

The result is an extremely SIMPLE process, very easy to adjust and highly effective for treating medium volumes of industrial wastewater that require nitrification and denitrification processes. These plants usually have a prior physical-chemical process and one or more SBR tanks.

AGUASIGMA SBR systems use our dual AQJETS aeration equipment that allows the sequence of mixing in anoxia and aeration with a single mechanism.

Aguasigma MBR


The MBR activated sludge process synthesizes all the virtues and advantages of AGUASIGMA's aerobic wastewater treatment technologies.

The introduction of membranes as a clarification element not only guarantees an extraordinary water quality in terms of solids and turbidity, but the reduction levels of COD and BOD are the highest due to the very high concentrations of biomass in the reactor, age of the very high mud and very low mass load.

In MBR systems the improved oxygen transfer and reduced sludge production add up to the minimal footprint of the system. Perfect solution for small and medium volumes to be treated with high demand for final water quality, allowing the potential REUSE of the water.

AGUASIGMA MBR industrial systems are only supplied incorporating full automation and management.

Aguasigma RANC


Our anaerobic treatment system stands out for being a ROBUST solution, ideal for treating effluents with medium or high organic load that carry significant amounts of suspended solids and / or fats.

Working at low volumetric loads, we achieve high COD and BOD reduction yields with a simple process, without mechanisms or internal clarifiers in the reactor, and that integrates the geomembrane cover that acts as a gasometer.

The separation of the anaerobic sludge leaking from the reactor from the treated water is carried out in an external SIGMADAF © clarifier, which is equipped when a watertight cover is required to recover nitrogen gas or to collect the released biogas.