SIGMA Group, new facilities in Cornellà de Terri, Girona

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Since July 2020, SIGMA Group companies have moved to the Industrial Park of Pont-Xetmar, in Cornellà de Terri, Girona, our new facilities consolidates the commitment of the business group for the continuous improvement in the quality of our services and production of water treatment systems.

The new industrial headquarters with an extension of 2,500 m2 includes the production area, laboratory, test bench and our offices.

The production area, distributed in two parallel lines, specially created for the design, manufacture and construction of large water treatment equipment, up to 9 meters high.

Production of DAF equipment for the treatment of industrial wastewater in the SIGMA Group's manufacturing workshop in Cornellà de Terri, Girona.

Production area

Photo of an AGUASIGMA MBR System for the wastewater treatment of more than 9m2 taken in the new SIGMA Group workshops in Cornellà de Terri, Girona.


Panoramic view of the 2,500 m2 production area of the SIGMA Group's new DAF and MBR equipment manufacturing and construction facility.

Picture of the finished production of 10 compact plants for industrial wastewater treatment in the SIGMA Group's production shop.

SIGMADAF Clarifiers Compact DAF Plants

The laboratory, where our technicians and water specialists can give free rein to our constant R&D philosophy. It allows us to carry out studies and analyses and consists of two areas:

  • SIGMA LAB for carrying out all types of pilot tests and Jar Tests.
  • SIGMA Training Centre, a test bench for further development of new technologies in the world of DAFs, as well as for conducting trials and tests.

The offices comprise a space of 400 m2, where all the human resources, sales, and technical departments of the group's two companies will co-exist. Space has been strategically created to encourage interaction between departments and colleagues.

General view of the new offices of SIGMA Group, more than 400 square meters to the Technical and Commercial Department and all the human resources.

400m2 of office space

Entrance corridor to the administrative offices in the new SIGMA Group facilities, intended for all SIGMADAF human resources.

More energy efficient facilities

With the firm commitment of SIGMA Group to contribute to the environment and sustainability, and in order to minimize the environmental footprint of its industrial activity, the new facilities of SIGMA Group will have photovoltaic solar panels, which will cover the energy needs in terms of air conditioning of all facilities and the area destined for production.